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0028141Openbravo ERPA. Platformpublic2014-11-11 15:442014-11-11 16:08
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0028141: API Change: Deletion of row in AD_TABLE_TREE table
The AD_TABLE_TREE contained a row that had been add been added by mistake. That table stores the possible tree representations of the instances of AD_TABLE, and the AD_TABLE_TREE removed belonged to an AD_TABLE that was not a tree.

That AD_TABLE_TREE row was not referenced anywhere in our code. It is possible, though extremely unlikely, that someone had referenced it in an external module. The only place where that row can be referenced from is the AD_TAB table, to enable that tree representation of the table in that tab. Doing this makes no sense as it belonged to a table which was not a tree.

The changeset that broke the API was included in PRQ3.2. It had not been reported till now because it was mistakenly considered a false API positive.
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related to defect 00279183.0PR15Q1 closed AugustoMauch After PR14Q2.X and new tree infrastructure, window User Defined Accounting Report Setup window has lost the tree view 
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