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0027600Retail ModulesWeb POSpublic2014-09-12 13:342015-03-08 00:09
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0027600: Problem with layaways when generated in one terminal and paid in a different one
Currently there is a problem when you create a layaway in one terminal and then pay it in a different one. The transaction for the payment is created in the first terminal, not reconciled when the cash up is done in the second terminal, and the cash up PDF reports (and also the Web POS report in the second terminal) contain wrong information.

When the fix is done, it should be verified that the financial information is correct, that the three cash up reports (Web POS report, printed report, and PDF report) are generated correctly, and also that the Sales Invoice generated in the cash up is generated correctly.
- Create a layaway in terminal 1.
- Load it in terminal 2. Pay it.
- Verify that the financial account information of both terminals is wrong. Verify that the cash up is not done correctly.

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depends on feature request 0028130RR15Q2 closed Orekaria Support creating tickets through multiple terminals with payment in other (central) devices 
has duplicate defect 0027607 closed Orekaria Layaways are not saved when generated in one terminal and paid in a different one 
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