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highmajorhave not tried
0027532: In cash up and cash management, the close button in dialogs does not do any action
The problem is that after the "Good Job" message that appears after executing the cashup or cash management process the button that closes the dialog does not do anything, does not do the same of the OK button so the application may stay in an inconsistent state
See description
Implement the same action in the close button as in the OK button
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2014-09-03 10:29   
Repository: erp/pmods/org.openbravo.retail.posterminal
Changeset: 4c212fbca1689df431f3b0520b4f76e6a8d96012
Author: Adrián Romero <adrianromero <at>>
Date: Wed Sep 03 10:28:22 2014 +0200
URL: [^]

Fixes issue 0027532: In cash up and cash management, the close button in dialogs does not do any action

M web/org.openbravo.retail.posterminal/js/cashmgmt/view/cashmgmt.js
M web/org.openbravo.retail.posterminal/js/closecash/view/closecash.js