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0027228Retail ModulesWeb POSpublic2014-07-29 17:272015-09-09 08:47
0027228: Stabilization: Web POS should validate that models have been imported properly to Web POS
Web POS should validate that models have been imported properly to Web POS

When we load all the models in Web POS database we are not showing correct messages in the screen, we should improve our messages for every model and verify that callback and inserts (if it is necessary) have been finished successfully and if it does not happen explain to our users what model is wrong and where is the problem:
-doing a call to the server
-doing the insertion
-wrong data received
-not connection with the server
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depends on feature request 0026894RR14Q4 closed Orekaria Stabilization: Improve the synchronization management 
depends on feature request 0027267RR14Q4 closed Orekaria Stabilization: Core async calls should be watched by the SynchronizationHelper 
depends on feature request 0027329 new Retail Stabilization: Overhaul the loading process (since the url is entered until the webpos has loaded) 
depends on defect 0027339RR14Q4 closed Orekaria Stabilization: When the server is not available and there is not enough cache data, the app should wait until available 
related to defect 0026589 closed Orekaria Stabilization: When the backend generates a new uuid.js, chrome does not update/delete the Web SQL database 
related to defect 0027429RR14Q4 closed Orekaria Stabilization: Revisit the aync timeouts 
related to defect 0027841 closed marvintm terminal is loaded after that the called to method "OB.MobileApp.model.get('terminal').partnerAddress" is done 
related to defect 0029425RR15Q3 closed Retail Stabilization: The loading process does not fail if any model(s) failed to be loaded 
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