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0027039Openbravo ERPC. Securitypublic2014-07-09 15:422018-02-13 18:19
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0027039: Login fields are now filled and remembered by Chrome and Internet Explorer
Since an update in Chrome [1] and also in Internet Explorer 11, now the flag to prevent the browser to remember user and password fields is ignored.

[1] [^]
Login with an older version of Chrome, Internet Explorer or Firefox. It does not remember login fields data nor offer to remember password.
Use latest version of Chrome or Internet Explorer 11 (as today, Firefox has not implemented such change) and check that login user is remembered as well as password
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related to design defect 0033276 closed jarmendariz Problem with User window and auto-complete in Chrome 
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We depend on Chrome supporting autocomplete=off, so I am changing this issue from Defect to Design Defect