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0027003: Impossible to create an invoice from POS order
Impossible to create an invoice from POS order

With the new change included in Q2 is possible that some clients lose the cash up id and they will need to do the cash up manually. The problem is that that orders does not appear in the process create lines from.

We should change the code to enable to do the cash up manually using the ERP.
Configure the terminal to create a grouped invoice during cash up

-Go to Web POS and create some orders
-Remove the browser cache or use another device or profile and generate new cash up id
-Do the cash up

You will see that there are pending orders to be included in cash up.

You need to do all manually using the ERP but it is not possible to create invoices
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related to design defect 0027019RR15Q1 closed szapata In Q2 version cash ups and reconciliations are not being created properly 
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Please, let's talk about this issue. I need more information in order to develop the solution.

Thank you
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Since we are developing for Q4 release the ability to synchronize the cashup incrementally, it makes sense to wait for this definitely solution instead of develop the feature requested on the issue or partially fixing the issue.

On the other hand, there is a work around for create the cashup manually. For the orders from de WEB POS (which are totally delivered) the user can use the Create Lines From process and create invoices from the Shipments related to the orders. For the cash management events the user can add transactions manually to the financial account.

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