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0026530Openbravo LocalizationsLocalization Italypublic2014-05-13 10:082020-10-22 14:27
normalminorhave not tried
0026530: Professional Datasets application - Dataset dati di base
Not able to apply ""Registro Iva"" dataset at Client Level (Initial Client Setup). See image ""Registro_IVA_ICS.png"" with the error
Not able to apply ""Registro Iva"" dataset at Organization Level (Initial Organization Setup). See image ""Registro_IVA_IOS.png"" with the error
Not able to apply ""Registro Iva"" dataset to any organization (*) or not (*) in the Enterprise Module Management window. See image ""Registro_IVA_EnterpriseMM.png with the error.
I've seen a post that refers to the same problem [^]) but I get the same error after installing the very last version of the module.
To be included:
- dataset for VAT rates
- dataset for Document Types
- dataset for VAT Registers
- dataset for terms and method of payments
- dataset for balance sheet configurations
related to defect 002673314Q2 closed extra Reference data of withholding:italy module raises an exception 
png IT_VATRegistry.png (230,269) 2014-05-28 15:13

png IT_Withholding.png (69,609) 2014-05-28 15:13
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2016-06-28 12:08   
Documented here as resolved: [^]

What is the version of the module that includes this change?

is it documented?
2020-10-22 14:27   
Not applicalbe anymore as Extra no longer maintain its Italian Localization.