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0026230Openbravo ERP05. Production managementpublic2014-04-09 17:112014-04-14 19:08
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0026230: API Change: Change reference type of starttime and endtime in production run to DateTime
These fields are used in CreateWorkEffort process. But this process takes date, starttime and end time as arguments and sets these date along with start time and end time in starttime and endtime fields respectively. So these fields will be available with date and time in the database and only the time is shown to user. Now after this change, the user will see these time along with the dates. So the risk is very low.
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blocks defect 00255043.0PR14Q3 closed pramakrishnan The Starting and Ending Time of the production run, should allow to save the Date and the Time 
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Repository: erp/devel/api-checks
Changeset: d48bbec141055b0c62a15ea18d93e40866547e0a
Author: Pandeeswari Ramakrishnan <pandeeswari.ramakrishnan <at>>
Date: Thu Apr 10 20:01:26 2014 +0530
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Fixes Issue 0026230: Change reference type of time fields in productionrun to datetime.

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