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0026170Openbravo ERPA. Platformpublic2014-04-03 16:392017-09-22 12:34
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0026170: Role can add lines in sales order without access to the org of the header
Role can add lines in sales order without access to the org of the header. I think that this something generic in the whole ERP. The user can not edit the header, which is correct, but can add lines, which is not correct
- Create a new role with access to sales flow and org España Norte
- Create a sales order org España
- Create one line
- Access using new role
- User can see the header and the line of the sales order in read only mode - Correct
- User can add new lines - Not correct
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has duplicate defect 0036725 closed AugustoMauch Should not be possible to create new data when user is not able to edit existent data 
related to feature request 0026478 new jonalegriaesarte Permission to see data from parent org in readonly mode should be configurable from application dictionary 
related to design defect 0026076 new jonalegriaesarte When logged in with parent org, the user shouldn't select business partners defined in a child organization 
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Fixed in 0036725