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0026019Retail ModulesWeb POSpublic2014-03-17 16:362014-07-01 00:58
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0026019: Improved operations in the not stable internet connection environments
Make web POS more reliable/robust in case of intermittent network connections. Including failover modes, improve off-line detection and optimize data sync for intermittent connections.
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2014-06-24 15:23   
This was committed as a project for Q3. All related commits have the [UnstableNetworks] tag in the commit message.
2014-07-01 00:58   
Steps to approve the issue:
- Tested most of the WEBPOS functionality simulating unstable network (shutting down the network). The application performed as expected during the whole testing.
- Tested specifically the 3 main features introduced by this development:
1. Implementation of a common framework for all data-sending processes:
Noticed that all the Sync process extend the same JSONSimpleProcess and all of them generate the output using this class
2. Refactor the way the terminal object is generated: Noticed that the terminal was trying to refresh after login from cache.
3. Refactor of the way offline detection works: Noticed that the online/offline is detected when trying to do any transaction, meanwhile the system remains in the last known status (online/offline).