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0025078Openbravo ERPA. Platformpublic2013-11-05 05:072014-02-12 18:29
0025078: Unchecking Customization Allowed removes system customization template
In the System Info window, the Customization Allowed box controls whether changes can be made to modules not in development. It is used to enable system level configurations.

When this box is checked for the first time, it creates the System Customization template module, in status in development
Subsequent checking / and unchecking are supposed to toggle the development status of that template module.

However, currently, when you uncheck Customization Allowed, the System Customization template is simply deleted.

This makes "upgrade safe" configuration into unsafe customizations that will be lost with an upgrade.
1) Login as system administrator
2) Navigate to System Info
3) Check Customization Allowed. Validate that the System Customization template has been created
4) Modify an element of core. For example, modify the definition of the Value column of C_BPartner as per [^]
5) Save.
6) Navigate back to System Info
7) Uncheck Customization Allowed.
8) Verify that the System Customization template has been deleted
9) Navigate to the Value column of C_BPartner. You modification is still there.

This means that you have customized core and your modification will be lost.
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2013-11-05 05:07   
I am pretty sure this is a regression. Earlier versions of Openbravo did not behave this way.
2013-11-05 11:44   
This is the code [1] that deletes the module from AD_MODULE when changing Customization Allowed from 'Y' to 'N'. It has been like this since the trigger was created in 2008 [2], so probably it is not a regression.

[1] [^]
[2] [^]
2014-01-23 14:11   
Repository: erp/devel/pi
Changeset: cf95ca28bb9b5bf2eb361c37c729a836b52657ec
Author: Augusto Mauch <augusto.mauch <at>>
Date: Thu Jan 23 14:10:06 2014 +0100
URL: [^]

Fixes issue 25078: Unchecking Customization Allowed removes template

When the Customization Allowed flag is unchecked, instead of removing the System Customization template its In Development flag is set to false.

M src-db/database/model/triggers/AD_SYSTEM_INFO_TRG2.xml
2014-01-28 08:42   
Code reviewed + verified
2014-02-12 18:29   
A changeset related to this issue has been promoted main and to the
Central Repository, after passing a series of tests.

Promotion changeset: [^]
Maturity status: Test