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0025052Openbravo ERPZ. Otherspublic2013-10-30 19:172013-12-02 13:05
Advanced Payables and Receivables Mngmt
0025052: Not paid invoices cannot be added to a payment proposal if they are already included in a processed proposal
Not paid invoices cannot be added to a payment proposal if they are already included in a processed proposal. It happens when you reactivate or delete the payment associated with the invoice.
As group admin role:
   Create two Purchase Invoices with the same payment method (for different business partners)
   Create a record in the Payment Proposal screen
      Payment Method: the one used in the previous invoices
      Incl. documents up to this date > Invoices Payment Plans' Expected Date
   Click on the Selected Expected Payments button and select the previously created invoices
   Generate Payments by selecting the option of grouping separate payments for the same vendor into one payment
   Navigate to one of that payments and reactivate it by deleting lines
   Check that the Payment field gets empty in the Payment Proposal line
   Create a new record in the Payment Proposal screen and check that the invoice associated with the reactivated payment cannot be selected although it is not paid
   It will be available if you reactivate the first Payment Proposal, but the payment associated with the other invoice will be deleted in that case
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related to defect 00306853.0PR15Q4 closed vmromanos Error when reactivating payment proposal related with a closed order 
causes defect 0030751 closed vmromanos Lines deleted each time you reactivate a payment proposal 
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Repository: erp/devel/pi
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Author: Pandeeswari Ramakrishnan <pandeeswari.ramakrishnan <at>>
Date: Tue Nov 26 14:54:21 2013 +0530
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Fixes Issue 25052: Not paid invoices cannot be added to a payment proposal

M modules/org.openbravo.advpaymentmngt/src/org/openbravo/advpaymentmngt/process/
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A changeset related to this issue has been promoted main and to the
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2013-12-02 13:05   
Tested and working fine.