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0024495Openbravo ERPA. Platformpublic2013-08-07 09:352013-08-09 08:45
0024495: Lazy computed columns API chage
Fix for issue 0024104 makes computed columns to be lazily calculated. As part of this fix, generated code for DAL entities has renamed properties for computed columns in order to prevent accidental filtering by them which would cause performance issues.

NOTE: Computed columns cannot be used as part of Criterias anymore.

The properties for computed columns present in core that have been removed are (see [^]):

field org.openbravo.model.common.order.Order.PROPERTY_DELIVERYSTATUS: missing in /srv/hudson/workspace/try-full-oracle/SANDBOX/api-checks/output/1527
field org.openbravo.model.common.order.Order.PROPERTY_INVOICESTATUS: missing in /srv/hudson/workspace/try-full-oracle/SANDBOX/api-checks/output/1527

field org.openbravo.model.financialmgmt.calendar.Period.PROPERTY_STATUS: missing in /srv/hudson/workspace/try-full-oracle/SANDBOX/api-checks/output/1527

field org.openbravo.model.financialmgmt.payment.DoubtfulDebt.PROPERTY_OUTSTANDINGDOUBTFULDEBTAMOUNT: missing in /srv/hudson/workspace/try-full-oracle/SANDBOX/api-checks/output/1527
field org.openbravo.model.financialmgmt.payment.FIN_FinancialAccount.PROPERTY_LASTRECONBALANCE: missing in /srv/hudson/workspace/try-full-oracle/SANDBOX/api-checks/output/1527
field org.openbravo.model.financialmgmt.payment.FIN_FinancialAccount.PROPERTY_LASTRECONCILIATION: missing in /srv/hudson/workspace/try-full-oracle/SANDBOX/api-checks/output/1527
field org.openbravo.model.financialmgmt.payment.FIN_PaymentProposal.PROPERTY_LIMITWRITEOFF: missing in /srv/hudson/workspace/try-full-oracle/SANDBOX/api-checks/output/1527
field org.openbravo.model.financialmgmt.payment.FIN_PaymentSchedule.PROPERTY_DAYSOVERDUE: missing in /srv/hudson/workspace/try-full-oracle/SANDBOX/api-checks/output/1527
field org.openbravo.model.financialmgmt.payment.FIN_PaymentSchedule.PROPERTY_LASTPAYMENTDATE: missing in /srv/hudson/workspace/try-full-oracle/SANDBOX/api-checks/output/1527
field org.openbravo.model.financialmgmt.payment.FIN_PaymentSchedule.PROPERTY_NUMBEROFPAYMENTS: missing in /srv/hudson/workspace/try-full-oracle/SANDBOX/api-checks/output/1527
field org.openbravo.model.financialmgmt.payment.FIN_PaymentSchedule.PROPERTY_TOTALDEBTAMOUNT: missing in /srv/hudson/workspace/try-full-oracle/SANDBOX/api-checks/output/1527

field org.openbravo.model.manufacturing.transaction.WorkRequirement.PROPERTY_CLOSEDSTAT: missing in /srv/hudson/workspace/try-full-oracle/SANDBOX/api-checks/output/1527

field org.openbravo.model.materialmgmt.transaction.ShipmentInOut.PROPERTY_INVOICESTATUS: missing in /srv/hudson/workspace/try-full-oracle/SANDBOX/api-checks/output/1527
+ failure=1

It also changes the way computed columns can be queried using HQL.

In case computed columns are needed to be accessed from HQL, they are not directly available but through the _computedColumns property. As example, this HQL:
  from Order o where o.deliveredStatus = 100
should be rewritten to:
  from Order o where o._computedColumns.deliveredStatus = 100

Note this kind of queries should be reviewed not only because of the API change but also because they can cause performance problems.

The naming of computed columns properties in generated code code be preserved to the old one not making an API change, but this is not the case for HQL. Also code making use of these proeprties should be reviewed because it is potentially harmful in terms of performance. This is the reason this API change in the generated code has been intentionally introduced.
Even the risk of this API change is potentially high, the proposal is to accept it because it is intended to improve performance.
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depends on design defect 00241043.0MP27 closed alostale Openbravo ERP Unnecessary evaluation of computed columns 
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The change is risky but the impact should be low as in Openbravo distribution we did not find any above mentioned use of calculated fields. There is one use-case in Retail which is wrong anyway.
2013-08-09 08:35   
Repository: erp/devel/api-checks
Changeset: f9a212cc9d224d817a376cb8dd1fd3247b6501c4
Author: Asier Lostalé <asier.lostale <at>>
Date: Fri Aug 09 08:34:51 2013 +0200
URL: [^]

fixed issue 24495: Lazy computed columns API chage

M java/reference/java.japi.gz
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see documentation: [^]