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0022339: Fix to issue 21886 causes an api change.
Due to this issue: [^]

I have to make an api-change. This is the change: [^]

Due to this issue [^] api change does not detect the change, so I cannot paste the failure.

- The change is the following:
M_PRODUCT_PO.VENDORPRODUCTNO column goes from not nullable to nullable.

- The change is required due to the following reason:
This column is in a unique constraint that needs to be removed due to 21886 issue. The unique constraint is that each product needs to have one unique vendorproductno for each business partner and this is not right, because two partners may have the same vendortproductno for the same product.

- The risk is low:
Someone may have made a development assuming this field would never be null. If that development did not have the null check and now that column is allowed to be null, it would cause an exception. Anyway these should not be very likely.
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depends on defect 00218863.0MP18 closed jecharri Restrictions in M_PRODUCT_PO can not be enforced 
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No change fixes this API-Change. As said in the description, due to issue 21176 this will not fail in the tests. The SCM revision was set to the original issue's fix as the field is mandatory.