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0020558Openbravo ERP05. Production managementpublic2012-05-21 11:012014-08-06 12:50
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0020558: P- selection must be included in Work Requirement when product has attributes
P- selection must be included in Work Requirement when product has attributes.

Otherwise the attribute inheritance has not got sense because the user has not got the posibility to choose one p- to create the related p+ with same attributes.

Create a "Process Plan" where you have configured one p+ to inherit the p- attributes.
Create a "Work Requirement" and related "Work Effort".

Inside the work effort execute the "Create standars" process. Yo will see that you can not choose the p- attributes and the process take one stocked p- product.
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related to feature request 0007565 acknowledged rmorley Specify product attributes in Production 
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