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0020452Openbravo ERP09. Financial managementpublic2012-05-09 11:062015-02-09 17:32
0020452: Add the Supplier Reference No. as column in Add details of a payment
When processing outbound payments during month end close you find that usually as key reference for purchase invoice the Openbravo
number is used as reference.

You'll find that when doing administration for outbound payments you'll usualkly look for the supplier number of the invoice as given on the
invoice. Instead of using OB number in overviews and reports it makes a lot more sense to use the supplier's invoice number.
As group admin role,

Go to Purchase invoice,
Create a new register.
Complete it and add a payment

We can see in the pop up that appears the Purchase No of OB, it has more sense to use the supplier's invoice number defined in the Header of the Purchase Invoice.
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duplicate of feature request 0021802 closed dmiguelez Ability to show the supplier ref in manual window: “Add Payment Out” pop-up (matching statement for the financial account transa 
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