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0018830Openbravo ERPA. Platformpublic2011-10-21 14:202017-04-10 14:38
0018830: Not enough information available on ActionButtonUtility class
On the ActionButtonUtility class is set the available actions to process documents.

The available information is:
* strDocAction: default action of the record to be processed
* strReference: reference list with the available actions
* strDocStatus: current status of the record to be processed
* strProcessing: processing boolean column value
* strTable: table id of the record

In most cases this information is enough. But for orders the flow should be different for Return Material Orders. So additional information is needed to make the proper decisions.
Add to the available parameters the following:

* Tab id the process is called from.
* DocType id of the record. If the C_DocType_Target_ID is available this one shall be included.

This can be included as extra parameters of the docAction() method or as session attributes available from the vars object.
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