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0018674Openbravo ERP08. Project and service managementpublic2011-10-03 12:072011-12-01 09:19
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0018674: in Expense Sheet Window, column "processed" is not displayed in grid mode
in Expense Sheet Window, the column "processed" can not been displayed in grid mode
. go to Expense Sheet Window and try to display the column "processed"
. change the reference of column "process" to "Yes/No"
. create a new column to define the button "process" .
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related to defect 00193553.0MP9 closed ioritzCia in Expense Sheet Window, column "processed" is not displayed in grid mode 
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The issue is that processing and processed columns for Expense Sheet Window are swaped. So processing stores what processed stores in the rest of the application and the same happens with processed. The issue cannot be resolved, because if the required change is done in database and application dictionary previous stored data in processed column will be lost. And that cannot happen.