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0018421Openbravo ERPA. Platformpublic2011-09-02 10:512012-09-10 13:35
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0018421: Memory usage increases when opening and closing sales or purchase order/invoice windows
The memory usage can be analyzed in chrome dev tools.

When opening sales and purchase order/invoice windows the memory usage increases 8mb per opening (and closing). Closing does not release the memory.

Note that this needs to be tested with all modules in not-development, as the system will generate new class definitions for each opening in dev mode.

The memory usage increase does not happen in other windows like product category or currency.
OB3-Reviewed, Performance
duplicate of design defect 0018227 closed alostale Closing a tab doesn't release all objects 
has duplicate feature request 0007271 closed shuehner Analyse / Check javascript memory usage 
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