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0018319Openbravo ERPB. User interfacepublic2011-08-19 09:402011-08-22 19:33
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Google Chrome
0018319: The Workspace loading bar doesn't get removed
The changes in issue 0018227 affected the case when you have several tabs opened and hit the refresh button. The loading bar of the Workspace tab doesn't get destroyed.
* Login into application
* Open Sales Order window
* Hit the refresh/reload button in the browser

The application gets reloaded, and previously opened tab is open

Sales Order window gets opened, but the loading bar in the Workspace tab, doesn't get destroyed

The loading bar gets destroyed if you have several windows opened. e.g. Open more windows: Product, Business Partner, Sales Invoice. Hit the reload button.
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related to design defect 0018227 closed alostale Closing a tab doesn't release all objects 
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