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0018099Openbravo ERP02. Master data managementpublic2011-07-27 13:552011-08-22 17:25
0018099: Sometimes a deadlock appear when syncrhonizing a and processing orders at the same time
When launching at the same time the job that imports orders in I_ORDER and the process of orders imported, a deadlock appears and the order imported is not processed automatically and must be manually processed
Launch the import orders job and the process of orders several times at the same time.
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depends on defect 00180612.40 closed adrianromero Java Client POS Sometimes a deadlock appear when syncrhonizing a and processing orders at the same time 
depends on backport 00181102.50MP33 closed adrianromero Openbravo ERP Try-2.50-api failed because two foreign keys has been removed 
related to defect 0017975 closed mtaal Openbravo ERP Orders Synchronization between POS and ERP fails when there are two (or more) shops invoking the web service 
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2011-07-28 10:19   
Repository: erp/stable/api-checks-2.50
Changeset: fe875614d260f23876e0b36d254aefb5caefe29b
Author: Adrián Romero <adrianromero <at>>
Date: Thu Jul 28 10:19:01 2011 +0200
URL: [^]

Fixes issue 0018110: Try-2.50-api failed because two foreign keys has been removed. Related to issue 18099

M model/model/tables/I_ORDER.xml
2011-07-28 10:21   
Repository: erp/stable/2.50
Changeset: 086ee81793cff740574594d083648c8589b8b6ae
Author: Adrián Romero <adrianromero <at>>
Date: Wed Jul 27 13:58:06 2011 +0200
URL: [^]

Fixes issue 0018099: Sometimes a deadlock appear when syncrhonizing a and processing orders at the same time
It has been removed two unnecesary foreing keys to avoid the deadlock

M src-db/database/model/tables/I_ORDER.xml
2011-07-28 10:26   
* Testing the issue

Fill the I_Order table with around 300 valid Order lines. This can be done using the integration job: [^] [^]

Go to the Import Orders window and process the imported orders.

Simultaneously execute the integration job again.

Verify that both processes finish succesfully without any error and also verify that in the AD_PINSTANCE table there is not any execution that registered a deadlock

* Other areas affected

No other areas affected. Only the I_ORDER table definition has been modified.
2011-08-22 17:25