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0017797Openbravo ERP09. Financial managementpublic2011-06-27 19:162011-08-12 13:41
Payment Report
0017797: Payment Report: wrong subtotal amounts by status
The Payment Report does not add up properly at subtotal level for the same status. In fact, the report does not differentiate between payments in and out for the same status.
After checking the corresponding wiki information ( [^]) we have detected that there are the same status for both payments in and out. So, the report should differentiate the document type when there is a subtotal.
To reply the bug please follows the following steps in the example:
NOTE: the following example is already created in the client TEST and PRODUCTIVE environment version 2.50+MP28.
Create the following data:
• Payment Method to use: Write transfer (same configuration for payment in/out):
 Payment In Allowed: marked
 Execution Type: Manual
 Upon Reconciliation Use: Cleared Payment Account
• Business partner both: customer and vendor.
• Purchase Invoice - total amount: 150 €. Transaction and accounting date: 20-06-2011
• Sales Invoice – total amount: 200 € Transaction and accounting date: 20-06-2011
Once all these data have been registered into the system follow the following steps:
A. Financial Management || Receivables & Payables || Analysis Tools || Payment Report || Payment Report
1. Filter by:
 Organization: the regarding one
 Business partner: the created above.
 Cover to currency: the regarding to the invoices created
 Payment type: receivables and payables
 Ordering criteria: by date
2. Press button “Search” >> see attached the result:
3. Subtotal Awaiting Payment: once is a sales invoice (354,43 €) and the other is a purchase invoice (117,00 €). However, there is not possible to differentiate both. There should be a column to differentiate if it is a payment in or out. The subtotal for this status should be the subtraction but not the sum.
4. The same happens with other status like Subtotal Remittance in this example: as you can check in this example these remittance payments are AP Payments. Therefore, the subtotal should have to take into account the document type.
The subtotal should have to take into account the document type. The subtotal for an specific status should be the subtraction but not the sum base on the document type.

Finally, is the Grand Total amount should differentiate to amounts: payment in and payment out. This way, there final result should have sense.
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Author: Ioritz Cia <ioritz.cia <at>>
Date: Fri Jul 08 13:57:53 2011 +0200
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Fixes issue 17797: Payment Report: wrong subtotal amounts by status.

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A changeset related to this issue has been promoted main and to the
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