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0017689Openbravo ERPA. Platformpublic2011-06-20 12:072023-07-05 09:43
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0017689: Display logic is not preventing a field to be edited in grid view
Field F is not displayed in Form view in a window W because of the display logic.
In Grid view the field F is editable and it shouldn't.
1) Go to Financial Account window
2) Create a new financial account:
 2.1) Name: test
 2.2) Type: Cash
 2.3) Save
3) Go to Accounting Configuration tab
 3.1) Open in form view and notice the following fields are not displayed:
   - Bank Revaluation Gain Account
   - Bank Revaluation Loss Account
   - Bank Fee Account
 3.2) Go to Grid view
 3.3) Realize that the are displayed
 3.4) Try to edit in the first record Bank Revaluation Gain Account
 3.5) It should not be possible
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has duplicate design defect 0020509 closed naiaramartinez Able to select Stocked option for Product which has product type as service in the grid view and not in form view 
related to feature request 0018483 new Triage Platform Base Display logic is not preventing a field to be edited in grid view 
related to design defect 0024319 closed inigosanchez Grid mode should hide field content as per display logic rule 
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It would be nice to include the possibility of configuring a column not to be showed in grid view and not to appear in the Columns list you obtain when you click the right button