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User Interface Application
0015848: api change, public method ParameterUtils.getParameterFixedValue() method return Object instead of String
Due to this changeset the api has been broken. [^]
The return object type of the public method parameterUtils.getParameterFixedValue() has been changed from String to Object.

This method returns the Fixed value of the given parameter. If the value is a JS expression it returns the result of the expression based on the parameters passed in from the request. The problem is that the JS expression can return any Object type, not only String. For example, in case that it is desired to get the readable organizations of a role the expression would be "OB.getContext().getReadableOrganizations()" which returns an String[] object.

The risk is low as this is a public method that has been included on one of the last published versions of the Client Application module. In case that someone is using it the fix is to add a cast to String on the method's call.
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Repository: erp/devel/api-checks
Changeset: e4beaa650455aaf35a0fc192ca6cefceb161dc87
Author: Gorka Ion Damián <gorkaion.damian <at>>
Date: Thu Feb 03 10:38:29 2011 +0100
URL: [^]

Fixed issue 15848. Api check 1025 fails.

M java/reference/java.japi.gz