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0015662Openbravo ERP09. Financial managementpublic2011-01-13 20:412011-01-27 18:36
0015662: The date mask is not applied in "Create lines from" in back statement
When you try to create lines from other bank statement, when you select one line and change the date, the date mask is not applied (first problem) and then when you process, the effective date and the accounting date in the lines are wrong (second problem, only in Postgres).
- Financial Management || Receivables & Payables || Transactions || Bank Statement
- Create a new one
- Save
- Crate lines from
- Select one line
- Edit the date, for example write 13012011 (the mask is not applied)
- Ok
- Lines tab
- Note that the dates are 03-09-35625 (this problem only in Postgres)
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blocks defect 00156512.50MP26 closed dalsasua The date mask is not applied in "Create lines from" in back statement 
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2011-01-14 18:23   
Repository: erp/stable/2.50
Changeset: 254fdfcf4cf118b488d440eacc82cd3643b750d3
Author: David Alsasua <david.alsasua <at>>
Date: Fri Jan 14 18:21:34 2011 +0100
URL: [^]

Fixes issue 15662: The date mask is not applied in Bank Create lines from
Java, Html, Xsql and Xml files of the servlet where modified so:
1- Now, each row adds, when painted, the date format mask
2- The Html file, in the date field of the grid, calls correctly to the autoCompleteDate function

M src/org/openbravo/erpCommon/ad_actionButton/
M src/org/openbravo/erpCommon/ad_actionButton/CreateFrom_Bank.html
M src/org/openbravo/erpCommon/ad_actionButton/CreateFrom_Bank.xml
M src/org/openbravo/erpCommon/ad_actionButton/CreateFrom_Bank_data.xsql
2011-01-14 18:25   
In order to correctly test, please check in
- Different supported browsers
- Oracle and Postgres
- The date is correctly formated when typing it
- The date is correctly set to the new line, as typed
2011-01-27 18:36   
works fine