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Advanced Payables and Receivables Mngmt
0014966: new flag "approved for payment" in budget
HIS are currently running a budget check at the point of posting of an invoice. If the check fails (i.e., no budget) then the posting fails with an error. Issue is that the document is in "Complete" status and therefore available for other business processes and can be paid. Result is that a purchase invoice can be paid even if there is no budget approval.
There are two possible solutions:
1) Link the "Complete" and "Post" event so that there is no time lag between the two events.
2) Add an "Approved for Payment" flag to the purchase invoice document. The default is set to "No" (so can not be paid). Document can not be manually paid and will not be included in payment proposal. After the invoice has successful posted then the "Approved for Payment" flag can be set to "Yes" either manually or automatically.

Personally I would recommend the introduction of an "Approved for Payment" flag.
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