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0014723Openbravo ERP07. Sales managementpublic2010-09-28 19:182010-11-08 12:20
0014723: Sales order created from expense sheet does have a value for the Sales representative
When a BP has a Sales Representative selected in the BP setup, when creating a sales order for that BP for expenses, the Sales Representative should appear on the Sales order.
Select a BP that you will use on your expense sheet (easiest is to go to the expense sheet and in the lines select a project and see what BP is related, then cancel out of it and go to the BP setup)
Enter a Sales Representative that is setup correctly (easiest is to start entering a Sales order manually and see what sales representatives are in the list in the header).

Now that you have a BP with a sales representative assigned, enter a expense sheet with 'invoiceable' selected for that BP and process it.
Go to 'Create sales orders from expenses' and select that BP and today's day
Go to the Sales order that was created. The field of Sales Representative is blank (see snapshots).

For snapshot 3 I reactivated the sales order and selected the Sales representative that was configured in the BP setup, to show that the value was available there.
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As clarified by development,the current design is that the Sales Representative field in the Sales order is not related to the BP that is entered.
In the core it is defaulting to blank and needs to be updated.

I have changed the type from bug to feature request.
I would be great if the sales representative would be a value that gets loaded upon selection of the BP. The BP has this value of sales representative setup in the customer tab. Only in the case that the BP setup doesn't have a sales representative it should be blank, otherwise it should populate the value wit the possibility to manually overwrite.
2010-11-08 12:20   
Required specificacions would be the following:

- If Expense Sheet line has a Project with a Sales Representative configured ==> then it will be asigned to the Sales Order.
- If Expense Sheet line does not have a project or the project does not have a Sales Representative set and the expense line has the Reinvoicing field checked ==> the sales representative of the reinvoiced business partner will be asigned to the sales order header.
- If no sales representative is assigned neither to the project nor to the reinvoiced business partner ==> the sales representative is left blank.