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0014442Openbravo ERPA. Platformpublic2010-09-06 12:542010-12-07 13:26
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0014442: It should be possible to call importTRL process from command line
The importTRL process reads the xml files from a translation module, and imports them into the _TRL tables in the DB, for translation modules which are in an "Installed" or "Pending" status.

The module status is only changed when using the module management console to install / upgrade modules, thus when working in a distributed development environment, and making changes to the XML translation files in the repository, won't trigger a translation update event if an ant update.database or ant apply.module task is invoked from command line.
- In an environment having a translation module installed, manually modify this module's AD_ELEMENT_TRL_xx_XX.xml file.
- Run ant update.database or ant apply.module task from command line.
- The updated translation file is not applied.
It should be possible to call the importTRL process from command line.

An easy solution could be adding a -DimportTRL property to apply.module ant task. Another useful solution could be adding a new ant task which will only call the importTRL process for a given module
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I've uploaded a module to the forge which partially covers this feature request: [^]