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Advanced Payables and Receivables Mngmt
0014271: Payment document executed automatically even the process request is inactive state
Payment document executed automatically even the process request is inactive state
1) Navigate to General Setup || Process Scheduling || Process Request || Process Request and click new

2) And select the below values
Select Process: Execute Pending payments
Timing: Run Immediately
Active: Unchecked

3) Create a payment method(Pay_method 1) with below details and assign it to a financial account

Automatic receipt: Blank
Automatic Deposit: Blank
Execution Type: Automatic
Execution Process: Simple Execution Process

4) Assign both the Financial account & payment method to a BP (Red bunny)

5) Create and complete a sales invoice for BP: red bunny with line details (product: hammer, qty: 2)

6)Create and complete payment method from Invoice header window using "Add payment" button

7) Navigate to Receive payment window and verify the status of the payment document which is generated in step 6

Error: Status of the payment document wrongly assigned to "Payment Received" instead of "Awaiting Execution"

Also i am finding a new record getting generated in Payment Run window (Financial Management || Receivables & Payables || Transactions || Payment Run || Payment Run )

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This issue is never related to APRM. In case it can be reproduced it is a platform issue related to process request
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Should this issue be moved to core???
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That's the expected behavior.

The Execute Pending payments background process is only used to execute payments of invoices that have been both created automatically by another process. For example by the Create Invoice process. If you create the payment using the add payment button the payment will automatically be executed if the payment method is configured to do so.