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0013888Openbravo ERP09. Financial managementpublic2010-07-05 11:072010-08-06 14:27
0013888: Error on General Ledger Report
You have a manual settlement with main as organization. And two payments, one with organization A and the other one with organization B.

The General Ledger Report shows the data correctly if you filter by Main, but it does not show the data if you filter by A or B.

- As Openbravo Admin go to Financial Management || Receivables & Payables || Transactions || Manual Settlement
- Create a new record:
     - Organization: Main
- Go to Create Payment:
     - BP: McGiver Supplies
     - Amount: 30
     - Check Direct Posting
     - Select a G/L item
- Go to Balance Payment:
     - Organization A
     - Credit Amount: 10
- Save and new:
     - Organization B
     - Credit Amount: 5
- Save and new:
     - ORganization Main
     - Credit amount: 15
- Process and Post

- Go to Financial Management || Accounting || Analysis Tools || General Ledger Report.
- BP: McGiver
- Organization: Main
- Search
- Realize that the General Ledger Report shows the data correctly.
- Now, Select B as organization.
- Realize that the report does not show the data
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2010-07-05 12:23   
After having applied all the steps in MP19 environment, the Manual Settlement is posted, with alert message "Posted" in red color. It seems that the Manual Settlement is not posted. After clicking the Unpost Button it shows another error message like NOFACTACCT. However, in GL report, i am not able to see the report for Main organization too. This issue is unable to reproduce.
2010-07-05 12:57   
The steps to reproduce have been updated.

Sorry for the inconvenience
2010-07-05 14:17   
Actually, in the General Ledger Report, the Organization filter is only applicable to the organizations in which the Create Payment is made. Not applicable to the organizations in which Balance Payments are made. Neverthless, we create multiple Balance Payments in different organizations, we will not get any records for them. We get only the message as no records for given organization. It seems the existing behavior is correct. Please let me know this existing behaviour is wrong.
2010-07-07 09:07   
As discussed with David Alsasua and Xabier, it is turned into feature request.