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0013511Openbravo ERP01. General setuppublic2010-06-02 17:492010-07-13 00:00
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0013511: You are prompted to install Core as part of a New Client
Due a recent change in Initial Client Setup Window, now you have an extra line in Reference Data section, named simply "core - 2.50.17411 - English (USA)".

For any user will be extremely difficult to understand that by clicking this the standard document types will be included in the created client.
Open initial client setup window. You will see Core as a list of reference data. see attach.
Use an appropriated name like "Default Document Types" or so
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duplicate of feature request 00139412.50MP20 closed vmromanos Initial Client Setup: several new requirements 
png ICS_AddingCoreInNewClient.PNG (36,034) 2010-06-02 17:49
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