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0013368Openbravo ERPE. Translationpublic2010-05-18 15:482010-10-25 10:44
0013368: It should be possible to modify the translations applyied by a translation module.
It should be possible to modify the translations applyied by a translation module.
Right now is not possible to change the translation of some elements of the application in order to use a different word than the word used by the translation module.
This changes should be packaged into a module or configscript.
dev-platform-quick-wins, Modularity
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2010-09-07 09:33   
What is the workaround proposed that can maintain the changed translation after updates?
2010-09-07 21:44   

theoretically it is possible to create a core translation pack including only the changes. Then the installation process would be to install first the standard translation pack and then customized one with your changes. Second installation should transparently overwrite the translations in the first translation pack. After updates of the standard translation pack you should reinstall the customized one. It might work-around the problem. Can you please test and confirm?


2010-10-25 10:43   
What happens if there is published a new translation pack that translates elements that are not translated in your own transalation module?
Are this translations removed after install own your translation module?

There is not other way to customize translations?
There are customer that want to change some translations, or that want to modify the help of the application so they need to change the translation.

The export language process should compare the translations of core on the databse with the xml's As the export.config.script does in order to export a configscript to modify translations.