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0012577Openbravo ERPY. DBSourceManagerpublic2010-03-05 15:122018-04-08 17:01
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0012577: dbsourcemanager cannot to an update of two columns with intermediate conflicting values like A->B,B->C
When the following situation is in the DB (unique constraint on

first row with = A
second row with = B

then in on update.database both columns as renamed at once so

first A->B
then B->C

and second row has a higher uuid then the first row

then the update will fails as both renamings are applied individually and after the first there will be two rows with value B. which contradicts the unique constraint
see this inc-build failing: [^]

after this commit: [^]
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related to defect 00279183.0PR15Q1 closed AugustoMauch After PR14Q2.X and new tree infrastructure, window User Defined Accounting Report Setup window has lost the tree view 
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2012-01-30 15:24   
This problem is real. However, it would require a significant change either in the way constraints are handled in dbsourcemanager (with a big performance penalty), or in the way data changes are executed, for it to be fixed, with a relevant risk of producing regressions.

Therefore, it is being changed to a design defect.
2012-09-24 23:36   
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