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0012078Openbravo ERP02. Master data managementpublic2010-01-27 16:102010-10-14 00:00
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0012078: Business partner could not be deleted because of a constraint
Business partner could not be deleted because of a constraint, if there is a Contact (=> Contact Tab) defined.

Openbravo error message is:
"This record cannot be deleted because it is associated with other existing elements. Please see Linked Items"

Tomcat log (translated from german):
Update or delete in table »c_bpartner« violates
foreign key constraint »cbpartner_aduser« on table »ad_user«
Detail: There is a reference on (c_bpartner_id)=(3A6DE4E9A61D4EC398C8B5B78D14BA90) from table »ad_user«

If other information like "bank account" is defined, business partners could be deleted.

new business partner
new contact

delete business partner
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2010-01-27 16:56   
Hi Mgerke,
Question, is there a specific reason that you report this issue on the multiple business partner selector module. That module only allows selecting business partner but not removing them.

In which part of the Openbravo application did you encounter this issue?

gr. Martin
2010-02-03 10:11   
Hi Martin, this is because I must do a selection of a category and I don't have other choices (more suitable) in the list of categories. If I had, I would choose "Business Partner Dialog".
2010-02-03 10:18   
Hi Rafa,
Can you assign it to someone who can answer/take care of this issue?

gr. Martin
2010-02-16 15:31   
Moved to project Openbravo ERP > Category: Master Data Management and re-assigned to Adrián.
Jan De Bruyne - Abboss   
2010-08-21 14:40   
The same error
"This record cannot be deleted because it is associated with other existing elements. Please see Linked Items"
appears in MP20 while importing business partners (using Import File Loader).
No idea why Openbravo tries to delete records while it should import from CSV.
2010-08-23 09:40   
The same error message is shown in all foreign key violations, independent of inser/updated/delete. As when building the message we don't have the info which action it is.

Please open a new defect for the problem.
Jan De Bruyne - Abboss   
2010-08-29 15:53   
Done (Issue 0014358).
2010-10-11 08:27   
Repository: erp/devel/pi
Changeset: ecd5a5db58bd257cad9e08034a5e10fb0459eb44
Author: Harikrishnan Raja <harikrishnan.raja <at>>
Date: Mon Oct 11 11:56:52 2010 +0530
URL: [^]

Fixes Issue 12078: Business partner could not be deleted because of a constraint

M src-db/database/model/tables/AD_USER.xml
2010-10-11 08:31   
Steps to test:
* Create a business partner with contact details and try to delete the business partner.Now the business partner can be deleted.

Root cause:

*Before Ondelete=cascade attribute is not used in the constraint.

*API will be fail due to this fix.
2010-10-11 15:18   
A changeset related to this issue has been promoted to main after passing a series of tests and an OBX has been generated:

Changeset: [^]
Merge Changeset: [^]
Tests: [^]
OBX: [^]
2010-10-13 17:18   
Tested working fine