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0012045: Cannot edit the sections of wiki pages
Let me paste the relevant IRC chat:

<mlaci> there's some problem with the wiki. i tried to edit the "Upgrading to the latest maintenance pack" section of the [^] wiki page and i got "You tried to edit a section that doesn't exist. Since there is no section 71, there's no place to save your edit."
<katratxo> mlaci: got the same behavior
<katratxo> it seems that you can edit the whole page, but not sections of it ?
<mlaci> katratxo, yeah, very nasty. this is especially discouraging for large pages like this
<mlaci> katratxo, should i open a support request for this?
<iarwain> well, the situation is a bit worse
<katratxo> mlaci: you can log an issue
<iarwain> it seems that you cannot edit any section in the entire wiki!
<mlaci> katratxo, all right
<iarwain> ah no, just in some documents
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