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0012016Openbravo ERP04. Warehouse managementpublic2010-01-20 12:492010-08-18 17:38
20Ubuntu 7.10
0012016: Review the usage of storage bins (locators) in all Openbravo ERP
The usage of storage bins (locators) has to be reviewed in all Openbravo ERP because of Warehouse <-> Storage Bin relationship not respected in some header/lines documents and processes. review:
* Goods Shipment Lines
* Goods Receipt Lines
* Physical Inventory
* Goods Movements
* Create Lines From button
* Pending Goods Receipts
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related to defect 00114132.50MP11 closed rafaroda On the Physical Inventory It's possible choice a Storage bin from another Warehouse 
related to defect 0014049 closed  There is not an explanation about the special behaviour of bin's selector 
related to design defect 0021515 new dmiguelez It should not be possible to create a transaction in a legal entity using a warehouse of a different legal entity 
diff proposal-12016.diff (7,456) 2010-08-18 14:40
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2010-08-18 14:38   
== Goods Shipment Lines, Goods Receipt Lines, Physical Inventory ==

These windows have in the header tab a warehouse field and in the lines tab a bin field. The bin field in lines tab must belong to the warehouse selected in the header tab.

The modifications needed to do are:

* Add a new auxiliary input in the lines tab to get the warehouse id of the header tab
* Modify the default value in of the bin field to select the default bin of the warehouse selected in the header tab.
* Modify the Locator selector and add a parameter to get the warehouse id, to filter the selector data by this warehouse id and set this parameter field as read only in the selector window.

== Goods Movements ==

This window does not have in the header tab and warehouse field, and has in the lines tab two bin fields. No modifications needed.

== Create Lines From button ==

This button appears in the shipment windows and shows a dialog to select lines from an invoice or order. here a bin field is used to select the bin of the new lines created. This bin field must behave the same way it behaves in the window shipment lines.

The modifications needed are:

* Add a new hidden value that holds the warehouse id of the header tab that launched the dialog.
* Set the default value as the default bin of the warehouse selected in the header tab
* Modify the Locator selector the same way as proposed in the Goods Shipment lines section.

== Pending Goods Receipt ==

This process windows creates goods receipts documents por pending orders. Here a bin selector is displayed for each order line to use in the goods receipt created. No modifications needed here unless the general modifications

== General modifications ==

* The filter parameter warehouse has to be replaced by a drop down list instead of a plain text field and show as default the warehouse passed as parameter by the caller. If no value is passed it must be empty.
* The behavior when pressing enter or the selector button must be modified. When pressing enter, the value is used to search by bin key, this is correct. But when pressing the selector button, the value is used for the warehouse parameter and this is not correct because it filters incorrectly the data.

== Proposal code ==

It has been attached a diff that does some fixes:

* It has been hanged the default values for bins in Goods Shipment Lines, Goods Receipt Lines, Physical Inventory
* It has been added some auxiliar inputs to hold the warehouse values in Goods Shipment Lines, Goods Receipt Lines, Physical Inventory
* It has been modified the Locator selector to behave correctly when pressing ok and when pressing enter. This change has to be reviewed because it does not cover all cases.