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0011935: Multiple Business partner selector - The filtering inputs are not showed in the Search results
Multiple Business partner selector has filter inputs Contact, City, Postal code, Region. You can search using the filter inputs. But you can not verify the search results are correct or wrong since these filter inputs are not displayed in search results.

Setup a 2.40 environment with oracle DB and set the no of rows to 5 so that every selector should display 5 records per page.


Login as Openbravo/openbravo and change the role as "Openbravo Admin".
Go to Sales Management || Analysis Tools || Sales Order Returns Dimensional Report
Click the + icon of the Business partner
A selector for selecting multiple business partner will be opened.
There you can see the filter inputs Contact, City, Postal code, Region.

Go to Master Data Management -> Business partner.Go to any business partner and go to "Location/Address" tab and get the values of City, Postal code, Region.
Go to Contact tab and get the value of Contact.

Now use these values in the search inputs. It will give you the correct results.
But these fields are not displayed in search results.The below results are displayed in the table.

Credit Aval
Credit Used
Sales Rep
Since the fields Contact, City, Postal code, Region are used as filter inputs it is strongly advised that we should be able to see them in the Search results. Otherwise we will not be able to judge whether search results are correct or wrong by just viewing the results table.
page data grid
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