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0011830Openbravo ERP07. Sales managementpublic2009-12-21 13:322011-02-04 09:11
0011830: It is not possible to use Prepay order
This kind of document is used to manage orders to be paid firstly, and then generate its Good Shipment.
However,if this document is used, this can not be done.

Also, other tests have been done to implement this scenario (with other types of documents, invoice terms, delivery terms) and it is not possible. In all cases, it is possible to generate the Good Shipment without paying the invoice.
Go to Sales Management > Transactions > Sales order. Create a new Sales Order using Prepay order.
Generate its lines and complete it.
It returns to "Not paid" status.
With this status is not possible to generate its invoice. And in case to create its invoice, there is no restriction to not generate the Good Shipment when not paid.
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related to feature request 0020465 new mirurita It is not possible to create shipment from Prepay Order 
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Changed Priority to Urgent because it is a feature request.

Functional Documentation says [^] Prepay Order: For this type of ‘Sales Order’, the invoice is sent out and has to be paid before the goods will be shipped.
2010-12-21 09:29   
Any news on this issue? I see it's been set to urgent in january 2010, but doesn't seem to be corrected yet.
It's a request that I would urgently need to have as I thought it worked and need to use it rapidly.
Thanks for your time