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0011650Openbravo ERP01. General setuppublic2009-12-06 18:402009-12-12 15:44
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0011650: Create reference datas without needing a module
Right now, Reference Data functionality is great, but need to be included on a module in order to be able to move data from one instance to other. Therefore, would be really interesting and useful a new functionality for direct ReferenceData XML file loading.
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2009-12-11 17:37   
Thanks Galder for your positive feedback.

Right now it is possible to export and import a complete client without the need of creating a module (I guess you already know that)

I hope we will address your feature request in short

2009-12-12 15:44   
Two more inputs:

- I did know it was possible but is a bit hard to understand how a referencedata file can be seen by the application. Where it has to be, etc. Therefore I prefer building a module rather than trying to place the file in different folders.

- Furthermore my feature request, it would be also helpfull to be able to download the generated file to the local filesystem (logged users file system), instead of saving it on the server.