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0011639: Period Closing activity for Branches, RO and HO
I am working on openbravo version 2.5

I have to set following scenario

A company has Head office (HO), Regional offices (RO) and each RO has branches (B)

The entire company has common COA, financial year and period. Each branch, RO and HO has its own financial transactions. The company follows practice

At the end of the every financial period, each branch (B) closes its own period. The balance sheet (BS) of branches are consolidated at Regional office (RO)

After consolidation of balance sheet (BS) the period at RO is closed and RO BS is available to HO

HO consolidates all the RO Balance sheet (BS) along with its own and make one BS for the company and HO period is closed

Hence period say April 09 is closed trice at different levels
1st time at branch level on 30th Apr 09 end of evening.
2nd time at RO level, on 1st May morning and at 3rd time at HO level on 1st May evening

In Openbravo settings is done in following manner

   Calender is defined at * organization level

                |__RO 1
                | |__ Branch 1
                |__RO 2
                    |__ Branch 2

HO (Summary Level – Y, Organization Type – Legal + Accounting, Allow Period closing – Y

RO (Summary Level – Y, Organization Type – Organization
Branches (Summary Level – N, Organization Type – Organization

The problem I am facing is
1.System does not allow period open / close access to all except HO
2.System does not allow to set Legal + organization with set as ready to all, hence I force to set Organization to RO& branches

Pl guide me to allow each branch, and RO to close the period along with HO

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