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0011602Openbravo ERP03. Procurement managementpublic2009-12-02 12:432011-02-04 09:11
0011602: Purchase Order: Add a 'Need by date' and possibly a 'confirmed date'
Procurement Management || Transactions || Purchase Order || Header >> Lines

In Purchase Orders created by MRP, the Scheduled Delivery Date is in fact the 'Need by Date', however we do not have a field for that. The Scheduled Delivery Date should be based on the leadtime of the Product or the confirmation date from the Vendor. Alternatively we could have the Scheduled Delivery Date reflecting the offset with the leadtime of the product and a 'confirmed date' with the date communicated by the Vendor.

So the dates on the Purchase Order would be:
Order Date (existing) = the date the order was entered
Need By Date (New)= The date we need the product (could be coming from MRP)
Scheduled Delivery Date = offset of the purchasing leadtime (but not before the need by date)
Confirmed date (new) = Committed date by the Vendor (not before the need by date)

If the confirmed date is not added, then the Scheduled Delivery Date should be populated with the offset of the purchasing leadtime and should be overwritten with a committed date by the vendor
Add a product with a purchasing leadtime of 14 days (in our case 'hammer') and safety stock of 1000. Min order qty is 500, quantity type mulitple of 500.

Enter a Sales Order for 5 weeks from now for qty 350.

Enter a Planning method for inclusion of the Purchase Order and Sales Order.

Set up a Purchasing Plan for a horizon of 60 days for hammer.

Process the Purchase Plan and create the PO.
In the current scenario the Scheduled Delivery Date is sometime a pastdue date. That is not realistic and not a correct use of the Scheduled Delivery Date field.
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