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0011427Openbravo ERPA. Platformpublic2009-11-19 17:402010-06-10 18:53
0011427: Manage system reference data updates
Currently there are some data that should be maintained by Openbravo but is not part of source data. Right now it is managed by Masterdata and ADDR datasets, but the problem is that this information is loaded just once when database is created but it is not updated when update.database is executed.

This can cause problems like Openbravo adding a new language that cannot be distributed to existent instances.
*This information should be managed by a dataset working as reference data. This reference data should be updated by update database.

*Identify which are the candidates to be in this new dataset. For example AD_Language
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related to feature request 0010876 new iciordia Support for Business Objects Translations 
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