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0011291Openbravo ERP00. Application dictionarypublic2009-11-09 17:052009-11-10 11:56
0011291: Window parametric startup
We implemented many different windows for customers, suppliers, sales agents because we prefer to keep them separated rather than using the more generic business partner window.
Actually each of these new windows is based on the business partner table and related tables.
It would have been more productive and maintainable a mechanism which could allow to re-use the same windows that behave differently according to a parameter.
For instance, we can create three menu items (customer, supplier and sales agent) and according to which item has been selected by the user, the business partner window would display different labels, different tabs, a limited set of records and so on.
In the definition of a window, we could add parameters, and each parameter can include a condition (for instance a where clause which limits the set of records relevant for the window).
In the definition of a menu item, the menu item can also specify the parameter.
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