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0011094Openbravo ERPB. User interfacepublic2009-10-22 17:002009-10-22 17:00
0011094: Improve visibility of tab filters
WAD tabs allow to define a filter clause. It is applied by default when the tab is accessed and can be cleaned up by clicking on the search icon an leaving all the fields empty.

There are two problems with this kind of filter:
-User cannot know whether there's or not a filter applied to his view because there's no visual mark.
-Once the filter has been cleaned up, it is not possible to recover it in the current session.
-When one of these filters is applied mark the search icon as "filter used", just like when a standard manual filter is used.
-In case the tab has one of this filters defined, add a check in the search pop-up to recover this filter.
-Add a description field to be used when a filter is defined in the tab to describe what it is used for. This description could be used in 2 ways:
    *As a tip when the mouse is over the search icon. If we implement in this way: should we also show the standard filters in this way?
    *As the title for the check defined in the previous point.
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