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0011080Openbravo ERPA. Platformpublic2009-10-21 23:062009-10-22 12:55
0011080: Ability to control number of concurrent web service sessions
Sessions established by web services are not licensed controlled, which allows people to freely make extensive use of Openbravo Professional Editions without paying. For example, web portal front ends, many POS units sending information to the ERP, etc.
A separate attribute, "Number of Concurrent Web Service Sessions" must be added to the license (since these sessions will likely be priced differently from "Number of Concurrent Browser Sessions").

The logic to control web service sessions should be identical to the logic that controls browser sessions. A specific return code indicating that "the session could not be established because due to exceeding the number of web service session limit" must be implemented - so that web services can detect this condition and take appropriate action.
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