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0010938Openbravo ERPA. Platformpublic2009-10-13 10:332010-03-22 10:52
0010938: There is not a way to rollback an update when updating the core of the application
There is not a way to rollback an update when updating the core of the application. If you get errors during the updating of an application,
if you get errors, there is no way to rollback the application to the previous release.
-Access to an application
-update to a new mp using a obx file.
-Try to rollback to the previous maintenance pack
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related to feature request 0009059 new iciordia Have the ability to roll back a core update if the build process goes wrong 
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2009-10-15 16:37   
Waiting for Isma's feedback
2009-10-19 12:55   
This is not a bug but a feature request

It is possible to do backup before installing and recovery if it fails

Openbravo prof. subscription (rpath instances) can do it through the console

This fr will not be done in short term, in order to properly do this we need add a different context -ob manager- to take care about module installation, backups, recovery, etc. (you can not recover from the context you are recovering)

2010-03-22 09:58   
Shen the backup of the core and modules is done before update, a backup of the database should be done in order to be able to recover all the system
2010-03-22 10:52   
Not sure if I understand the previous note, but we decided not to do a full backup during the install process because of several reasons:
-recovery can not be started from this process as explained above in this thread
-it should be in sync with the backup mechanism in the system (eg. provided by openbravo appliance)
-performance issues (update process much slower, incremental backups would be better)

My previous note is still valid: we done plan to address this problem in the short term, and Openbravo customers can easily work-around this issue.