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0010919: Tab child of Purchase Invoice Line
I want create a tab child of the tab Line of the window Sales Invoice.
To do this i create a table and one of the columns is m_product_id.
When i create all the structures on AD i compile the window but the java class isn't created correctly . It gives this error

dataField cannot be resolved
openbravo/srcAD/org/openbravo/erpWindows/PurchaseInvoice line 435

The line relative at the error is :
vars.setSessionValue(windowId + "|HASSECONDUOM", LinesData.selectAux800003(this, ((dataField!=null)?dataField.getField("mProductId"):
((data==null || data.length==0)?"":data[0].mProductId))));

1) Create a table that have m_product_id in its columns
2) Go on Application Dictionary and create the table linked to the table created at the step 1
3) Create the tab child of lines tab in the Purchase Invoice and link to the table created in the step 2 , seqno=22 , level=2 , create fields
4) compile and build the window

N.B. :
If you delete m_product_id only from the tab , when go recompile the 2 errors disappear.
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2009-10-13 10:58   
Sorry but we don't understand, can you please give a better explanation? Or maybe you should try in the forums

Thanks in advance
2009-10-13 11:12   
To create a tab child of Invoice Line Tab you must create a table on postgresql, right ?
We call this table c_test with columns standard c_test_id, ad_client_id--ecc-.., in this table we add the fields, c_invoiceline_id, m_product_id.
After this we launch Openbravo e go on Application Dictionary, add the table for c_test, add the fields and launch Syncronize Terminology.
Next step is create the tab in the Window : Purchase Invoice , for this tab put this value :

Name = Test
table = c_test
seqno= 22
level= 2
UIPattern = Standard

Click create fields
Compile and build the window and you will see the errors.

I think it is clear now .
2009-10-27 04:02   
I also had this problem when developing a module. I did some further investigation and the error occurs when the parent tab as Auxiliar Input(s) defined using the @SQL syntax.

When WAD generates the code to retrieve the value of the auxiliar input, that code includes a reference to the dataField variable. The dataField variable is used in the printPageEdit function to retrieve/store the current edit values (it is defined as a FieldProvider). The refreshParentSession function does not define the dataField variable & hence we get a compile error.

This bug can be fixed by adding the dataField variable to the refreshParentSession function & setting it to null. The Auxiliar input will then get it's required value from the data variable already defined.
2009-10-27 04:06   
Repository: erp/devel/pi
Changeset: d9f98e1761bf2ccf6d51d287373d0138ab5de882
Author: Ben Sommerville <ben.sommerville <at>>
Date: Tue Oct 27 14:04:27 2009 +1100
URL: [^]

Fixes bug 0010919: allow creation of child tab when parent has sql based auxiliar inputs defined

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