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0010887Openbravo ERPA. Platformpublic2009-10-06 20:162009-10-07 07:01
20rPath Linux
0010887: Numeric references should declare its own format (from format.xml) instead of being hardcoded in WAD
-Rendering format should not be hardcoded in WAD but declared for each reference
-New references can be created from modules. Those references will declare what format they use
-References should be able to define more sophisticated rules when rendering. For example, amounts will define precision based on the currency linked to that amount
-Amount and Number references use same rendering format (euroedition). It makes no sense and leads to developers unproperly using them (there are many columns declared as number that should be declared as amount)
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related to defect 00105742.40MP10 closed harikrishnan The converion rate table has to save the rates with more decimals 
related to defect 00116402.50MP10 closed rafaroda In some tables the columns MultiplyRate and DivideRate are Number 
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