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0010886Openbravo ERP00. Application dictionarypublic2009-10-06 19:282010-08-30 15:49
20Gentoo 2.6.24
0010886: Synchronize terminology
Taking into account new development approach when including in core tables new columns, Synchronize terminology should be updated.

If you have a column in any of the standard tables called dateinvoiced, this column will have a element.

If you now want to include a new column called dateinvoiced on a existing core table, you need to create it as EM_dateinvoiced. It can also happen, the column you are including is EM_AE_dateinvoiced where AE is DBprefix for a new module.

When you execute synchronize terminology, a new element is created.

- you need to translate something is already translated
- you duplicate records
-Look for a existing element. Have a look at the column in that element, for example AAA.

-Create a column in a core table (in the example AAA)
-You will need to create a EM_AAA
-Synchronize terminology.
-New element different from step one is created.
Synchronize terminology should check not only for identical columns but also to columns with EM_ or EM_DBPrefix_.
dev-platform-quick-wins, Modularity
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2009-10-06 19:33   
Should be considered if is a bug or not. In my opinion, Synchronize Terminology is not working as was thought to work. Although is working as was designed. I guess is a bug.
2009-10-07 07:23   
Very good point Galder. Any comment Isma? Feature request or really a defect?