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0010817Openbravo ERPB. User interfacepublic2009-09-29 19:342009-10-06 12:34
0010817: Preload the attachment icon infos for all records
Currently it takes about 2 secs to step between records with the up / down arrow keys because of the overhead of the AJAX request that is called for attachement icon info query. I could be made much faster.
Press the up / down arrow key in a grid.
Preload the attachment icon infos with the records.

This approach can have the undesired side effect of the records not being 100% up-to-date because they may have been updated since the preload, but it is a very minor problem which well worth the much smoother interaction I believe.

We were discussing about this with Stefan at [^]
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related to defect 0010649 closed shuehner Grid scrolling is slow 
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The 2 seconds depends on the latency to the server, but removing this individual ajax-requests should definitely help.